A Process of Ongoing Improvement

Martens Engineering develops software for a variety of platforms. Although the Microsoft Windows platform is targeted in over 80% of all projects, software for other platforms like UNIX, Android, OS X and iOS is developed as well. The most commonly used programming languages being C#, C, C++, Java and Objective C. Support for programs written in Visual Basic, ASP, embedded C++ or Pascal can still be purchased.

After 25 years of providing professional advice and developing software, the importance of a significant and timely return on investment does not need any explaining. Using Microsoft's line of server products as a base, powerful solutions are constructed with a very competitive total cost of ownership. This way standing on the shoulders of a giant is quite beneficial.

Even though pride is taken in every single project, solutions requiring specific knowledge in the areas of chemistry or physics belong to the primary target market of Martens Engineering and will always have precedence over other projects.